Guided Meditation with Cameron Gordon, Ph.D.

Dr. Cameron Gordon’s area of expertise is positive psychology and mindfulness. In this five-part audio series, Dr. Gordon will walk you through the steps of guided meditation.

Learning More About Autism and Aspergers

People on the spectrum are exceptionally misunderstood in negative ways. Dr. Gaskill wants to educate everyone he can about the amazing and differently wired mind of someone considered Autistic or Asperger’s.

Parenting in a Tech Savvy World

In this audio file, Jonathan Hetterly, LPC, will take a deeper look at technology and social media to better understand their link to stress, relationships, and overall health and well-being.

Substance Use and the Teen Years

Drug and alcohol use is a scary proposition for parents. We cringe at the idea of our children engaging in adult behavior and worry about the type of kids that regularly engage in drinking or drug use…

Current Trends with Middle School Kids

The middle school years aren’t like they used to be. This generation of kids have only known smartphones, 9/11, and school shootings. We are also seeing a shift in mental health during the teen years…

Parenting Teenagers in the Age of Anxiety

Rates of anxiety continue to surge, and no age demographic has seen a spike more than teenagers. Let’s explore how changes in society, adolescent development, and family unity has contributed to a generation of teens struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings.