Southeast Psych's Guide for Imperfect Parents

Drawing from the expertise of more than two dozen experts, Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents gives helpful information and strategies to help raise children of all ages from preschool to young adult.

Max Gamer: An Aspie Superhero

Max Gamer is a unique young boy who is struggling to fit into an often-confusing world. Although unique in many ways, he soon finds out that he can harness superpowers through a very special birthday gift – a video game, which calls upon him to be a superhero!

Mixed Shrinks: Ridiculous Real Life Stories From Shrinks

We asked therapists to share their funniest, true-life stories and we got some doozies. There are stories in here about friends and families, dogs, nakedness, and bodily functions. In other words, all the things that make life worth living!

CinemAnalysis: Learning About Psychology Through Film

CinemAnalysis connects films to psychology through double features – movies paired because they share striking amounts of cinematic DNA (as if they were separated at birth).

Liberia's Son: A True Story of Hope, Courage, and Resilience

Caught in the crossfire of an unexpected civil war, Yu-Jay Harris and his family escape near-certain death at the hands of cruel government soldiers. Their desperate journey to safety takes them into a true heart of darkness where they face even more terrors at nearly every turn.

Heroic Inspirations: Using Superheroes to Improve Our Daily Lives

Over the ages, superheroes in various forms have been speaking to humanity in togas, robes, and now tights. They speak to us about the human condition. They help us work through our fears and failures to establish our goals and life plans.