Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety

  • The difference between positive stress, negative stress, and clinical anxiety
  • Current trends and rates of anxiety amongst teenagers
  • Shifts in society, adolescent development, and family structure
  • Practical strategies and tools that can help reduce and manage anxiety

What can parents and teens do to manage their anxiety?

Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety

Estimated Time: 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 25 Seconds
Instruction: Jonathan Hetterly, LPC
Difficulty: Beginner

Rates of anxiety continue to surge, and no age demographic has seen a spike in anxiety more than teenagers.

But what is behind the surge of anxiety rates? And what can parents and teens do to manage their anxiety?

Jonathan Hetterly, an expert in teen culture, will explore how changes in society, adolescent development, and the family unity has contributed to a generation of teens struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Course Outline:

  • We’re Living in the Age of Anxiety
  • Defining Anxiety
  • Difference Between Anxiety and Stress
  • Why Anxiety Is on the Rise
  • Other Factors That Contribute to Anxiety
  • What Are We Anxious and Stressed About?
  • So, What Can We Do?
  • Additional Resources

Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

Jonathan Hetterly is a licensed professional counselor. He specializes in helping teen and young adult men navigate the challenges they face in life. Jonathan is also a writer and his articles are regularly featured on and

He has contributed material to several books that explore the intersection of pop culture and psychology, including The Walking Dead Psychology, Star Wars Psychology, and Game of Thrones Psychology.

 Jonathan is also a co-author of the parenting book Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents: A Book Written By Imperfect Therapists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that Jonathan Hetterly, LPC receives on a regular basis.

My Areas of Expertise

Jonathan Hetterly’s areas of expertise includes changing the landscape of teen and young adult culture, as well as drug and alcohol related issues, failure to launch, and marriage/family therapy.

Public Speaking

Jonathan Hetterly primarily speaks to schools, churches, and other religious organizations. If you’d like Jonathan to speak to your organization, please send an email to

Writing, Publications, and Other Forms of Media

Jonathan Hetterly writes for and on a regular basis. Jonathan has also assisted in writing multiple books, including Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents, Mixed Shrinks, Psychology of the Walking Dead, Psychology of Star Wars, and Psychology of Game of Thrones.

Where You Can Find Me

If you’d like to learn more about Jonathan Hetterly, follow him on these social networks and websites!

Psych Bytes | Shrink Tank | Southeast Psych | Twitter

What can parents and teens do to manage their anxiety?

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