How to Study and Crush Every Test

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How to Study and Crush Every Test

How to Study and Crush Every Test

Craig Pohlman, Ph.D.

An effective studier is three things based on my research and experience as a psychologist in the learning field. An effective studier is…

1. Meta-Cognitive. They know about their own abilities and about learning in general.

2. Strategic. They plan their approach to studying and then follow that path.

3. Active. They don’t just passively “go over” material while studying.

This eTalk will help students be more meta-cognitive, strategic, and active in their studying. Elements of the learning process will be covered, including mental abilities involved. The “Study Planner” will be shared as a tool to guide strategic studying.

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Craig Pohlman, Ph.D.
Craig Pohlman, Ph.D.

Craig Pohlman directs Mind Matters, Southeast Psych’s learning success program. Over his career, Craig has helped thousands of struggling learners through assessment, consultation, therapy, and advocacy.

He believes in describing learners in terms of strengths and weaknesses, not just with labels and diagnoses. He also strives to communicate findings and strategy ideas as clearly as possible, sometimes using visuals and metaphors.

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    Perfect for All Students

    Whether you have ADHD or not, the studying tips presented in this eTalk will significantly improve your studying habits!
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