Substance Use and the Teen Years

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Substance Use and the Teen Years

Substance Use and the Teen Years

Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

What can parents do to navigate the issues of drugs and alcohol?

Drug and alcohol use is a scary proposition for parents. We cringe at the idea of our children engaging in adult behavior and worry about the type of kids that regularly engage in drinking or drugs.

If we are not careful, the topic of drugs and alcohol can fuel parents to be fearful and reactionary in their approach.

So, how does a parent go about tackling the topic of drug and alcohol in an informed, a proactive, and preventative manner?

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Jonathan Hetterly, LPC
Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

Jonathan helps his clients navigate the challenges they face in life. He helps teenage and young adult men who face emotional, behavioral, academic, or substance-related struggles to develop greater awareness. Jonathan also works with adult males and married couples, helping them work through the challenges and problems they face in their lives. His goals for therapy are to help clients discover their passions, purpose, and overall life direction.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Substance Use

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