Max Gamer: An Aspie Superhero


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Authors: Frank Gaskill Ph.D. and Ryan Kelly Ph.D.



Max Gamer: An Aspie Superhero

Max Gamer is a unique young boy who is struggling to fit into an often-confusing world. Although unique in many ways, he soon finds out that he can harness superpowers through a very special birthday gift – a video game, which calls upon him to be a superhero!


A Note from the Max Gamer Authors

In case you didn’t know, Max Gamer is an Aspie! Without our Aspies, we would not have the Theory of Evolution (Charles Darwin). The Theory of Gravity (Isaac Newton). Or, the humor of Ghost Busters (Dan Akroyd).

Aspies have brought us the Ford assembly line, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the Theory of Relativity. We might not even have the spear!

The goal of Max Gamer is to show our young and old Aspies that they are awesome, exceptional, and cool. We will not call Asperger’s a disorder or syndrome and we will celebrate them through our hero, Max.

Thank you for joining us in our adventure into the world of awesome Aspies! Max rules!


About the Authors of Max Gamer

Frank Gaskill, Ph.D., specializes in Aspergers and the Autism Spectrum. He also enjoys helping parents feel more successful in dealing with defiance and behavioral difficulties, as well as the intersection of parenting and technology.

Ryan Kelly, Ph.D., helps school-aged youth and young adult men develop the skills they need to overcome adversity and flourish in life. He specializes in the assessment and intervention of behavioral, emotional, academic, and substance-related issues.

Illustrators: Ryan Kelly Ph.D. and Kara Dahlheimer.


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