Mixed Shrinks: Ridiculous Real Life Stories From Shrinks


Page Count: 128 Pages

Authors: Kristin Daley, Frank Gaskill, Jonathan Hetterly, Melissa Miller, Craig Pohlman, Mara Teal, Dave Verhaagen, Molly Wittig



Mixed Shrinks: Ridiculous Real-Life Stories From Shrinks

Have you ever wanted to read funny stories from a bunch of shrinks? Neither have we! But somehow this book turned out pretty great. We asked therapists to share their funniest, true-life stories, and we got some doozies.

There are stories here about families and friends, dogs, nakedness, and bodily functions. In other words, all the things that make life worth living.

You hold in your sweaty little hands a collection of short stories not quite like any other. Ordinarily, we would have gotten several famous psychologists to endorse this book, but they were all dead, and subsequently, slow to respond to our emails.

Rest assured, though, this is a modern-day classic among the therapists-sharing-embarrassing-personal-stories genre of literature. We’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it.


Mixed Shrinks: Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Santa’s the Only One with Brand New Bags (Jonathan Hetterly)
  • The Haircut (Molly Wittig)
  • A Place for Everything, Everything in Its Place (Craig Pohlman)
  • I’d Rather Pee Myself (Mara Teal)
  • Rescued (Frank Gaskill)
  • The Rise and Fall of Sad Sam (Kristin Daley)
  • Dillon and Ellen (Dave Verhaagen)
  • “Golddigger” (Jonathan Hetterly)
  • Tell Me Why You Came in Here Today (Kristin Daley)
  • Bully (Frank Gaskill)
  • My Pause Button (Melissa Miller)


Authors of Mixed Shrinks

  • Frank Gaskill Ph.D.
  • Jonathan Hetterly LPC
  • Melissa Miller Psy.D.
  • Craig Pohlman Ph.D.
  • Kristin Daley Ph.D.
  • Mara Teal LPC
  • Dave Verhaagen Ph.D.
  • Molly Wittig Ph.D.


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