Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents: A Book Written By Imperfect Therapists

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Summary: Drawing from the expertise of more than two dozen experts, Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents gives helpful information and strategies to help raise children of all ages from preschool to young adulthood.

Page Count: 334 Pages

Authors: Created by the mental health professionals at Southeast Psych. For more information on the authors, look in the description below.

Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents

From the collective wisdom of more than two dozen experts, Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents is full of practical advice for parents of kids at all ages and stages.

Beginning with the Purposeful Parenting Model developed by Mary B. Moore, the book offers a positive framework for parenting, then provides clinically-tested strategies for helping parents of children, teens, and young adults navigate a wide range of unique issues and challenges.

The authors are all psychologists, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, or other mental health professionals who write in first-person and share personal stories that engage the reader.

Drawing from their personal and professional experience, as well as the most up-to-date research, they bring you this amazing parenting book and reference that you will use throughout the years.

Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents: Table of Contents

  • Authors Bio
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: More Than Just a Parenting Book
  • Chapter 2: Parenting with Purpose and Passion
  • Chapter 3: Early Roots of a Warm and Positive Connection
  • Chapter 4: Finding Balance in Parenting
  • Sidebar: Prioritizing Your Marriage
  • Chapter 5: Raising Resilient Kids Who Can Overcome Adversity
  • Chapter 6: Parenting a Child on the Autism Spectrum
  • Chapter 7: Parenting an Anxious Child
  • Chapter 8: Parenting a Traumatized Child
  • Chapter 9: Parenting a Child with a Disability
  • Chapter 10: Parenting Your Struggling Learner
  • Chapter 11: Parenting a Child with Attention Issues
  • Chapter 12: Parenting Your LGBT+ Child
  • Chapter 13: Parenting Your Young Athlete
  • Chapter 14: Parenting Your Young Adult Child
  • Chapter 15: Helping Your Child with Emotion Regulation
  • Chapter 16: Parenting Difficult Behaviors
  • Chapter 17: Effective Studying: A Short Play in Three Acts
  • Chapter 18: Helping Your Child Manage Stress
  • Chapter 19: Parenting a Grieving Child
  • Chapter 20: Parenting an Only Child
  • Chapter 21: Parenting in a Blended Family
  • Chapter 22: Fostering Your Child’s Social-Emotional Development
  • Chapter 23: How to Help Your Child Deal with Bullying
  • Chapter 24: Helping Your Child with Body Image
  • Chapter 25: Parenting Through an Eating Disorder
  • Chapter 26: Managing Sleep in Kids
  • Chapter 27: Technology and Kids: The Rise of the E-Parent
  • Chapter 28: Parenting Through Substance Use
  • Chapter 29: Teaching Your Child About Finances

Authors of Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents

  • Bea Moise, M.S.
  • Maria Brady M.A.
  • Darci Carter S.S.P.
  • Megan Connell Psy.D.
  • Kristin Daley Ph.D.
  • Jonathan Feather Psy.D.
  • Desaree Festa Ph.D.
  • Barrie Morganstein Ph.D.
  • Craig Pohlman Ph.D.
  • Andrea Umbach Psy.D.
  • Mara Teal M.A.
  • Dave Verhaagen Ph.D.
  • Patrick R. Young Ph.D.
  • Frank Gaskill Ph.D.
  • Myque Harris M.S.
  • Jonathan Hetterly M.A.
  • Terri James Ph.D.
  • Ryan Kelly Ph.D.
  • Lauren King Psy.D.
  • Rachel Kitson Ph.D.
  • Juliet Kuehnle M.S.
  • Heidi Limbrunner Psy.D.
  • Jennifer McConnell Ed.S.
  • Amanda McGough Ph.D.
  • Mary B. Moore M.S.W.

About Southeast Psych

Founded in 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Southeast Psych has grown to become the home base of nearly 50 mental health experts in four locations.

Southeast Psych has become known for its fun and positive culture, as well as its constant innovation in the field of mental health and relationships. In addition to therapy and assessment services, the media division of Southeast Psych also produces videos, articles, podcasts, e-talks, webinars, and conferences, along with other creative ways to fulfill its mission of getting psychology to as many people as possible and enhance their lives.

One of Southeast Psych’s specialties is working with and supporting parents on a range of issues for their kids, teens, and young adult children face in their lives. Drawing from years of experience and countless professional hours of direct service, this parenting book brings you some of the best information on parenting from some of the best experts in the country.

2 reviews for Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents: A Book Written By Imperfect Therapists

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    Excellent resource for all parents!

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    Perfect book for parents of all ages. Whether you’re a new parent or a parent with young adult children, this book will help you along your parenting journey!

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